We are what we do. Group Opaia SA is an Angolan holding company with shares in several companies linked to the main business areas of international markets that believes that it is always possible to do more for the future of Angola. Founded in 2002 by Agostinho Kapaia, the name Opaia is today present in the four corners of the world, namely Brazil, Portugal, United States of America and China.

We are an open organization, in permanent evolution, that adapts to the possible changes in the parameters of management and organization, with a view to a more developed Angola, integrated in a global business context. We are everything we have ever done and have the will to do much more.

We are a group with a vision of the future, always raising the name of Angola and Angolans in the markets in which we operate.
For us, challenges and adversities are faced with naturalness and optimism. For us, the future begins every day. For us, Angola is what we make of it, together.


  • Empower and train local workers;
  • Generate employment, revenue and income, in order to improve the Angolan economy;
  • Strengthen the entrepreneurial streak, with the creation of companies that enable business and contribute to the progress of the country.

In short: to participate and contribute to the development and future of Angola. Every day.

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