With Agripaia, a company dedicated to the agriculture and livestock business, located in the Huambo province, we went even further. It is here, in an area with a total of 600 hectares, that an innovative project is being developed in the field of fruit-growing and sheep farming.
We want to return to a practice that had great success in the past, taking advantage of the enormous agricultural potential of Angola, not only in terms of domestic production, but also in the exclusive production for the export market. With this business bet, we are trying to reverse the current scenario, reducing food import taxes and increasing levels of agricultural production. A bet that is of great importance not only economically, but also socially, which translates into a reduction in the retail price, in addition to allowing the creation of more jobs. At Agripaia, we aim to place on the market national products with increased quality and at a fairer price for all

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