With its location in Viana, where it has a showroom, a shop and an assembly line of kits, Green Power is a renewable energy company specializing in the distribution, development, implementation and maintenance of multi-technological systems of solar photovoltaic energy and solar thermal energy. We sell state-of-the-art equipment and have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the implementation of renewable energy systems. Through practical and effective solutions, Green Power responds to a high demand in a personalized manner and with great speed in supplying equipment and implementation systems, while ensuring after-sales services and technical assistance.
Through its Engineering Department, this company develops and manufactures solutions in the form of a kit, which fall under the anti-poverty program, promoting comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development.

Green Power believes it is an essential pillar for the creation of a better future for Angola, helping to combine economic growth with social development.
A practical example of this mission is the first installation of a solar power unit in a car in Angola – the Solar Car – which allows power to reach any point in the country.
Or the installation of photovoltaic systems for water heating and for lighting schools, hospitals, police stations and public roads.
It is initiatives like these that allow us to extract from renewable resources all the energy we need to provide a better future for our country.

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