15 August 2002
Four months after a decisive step was taken for the country’s stability – the official enforcement of effective peace in Angola – the Opaia Group was founded. Initially focused on general trade – import and export – it rapidly grew and diversified its business areas, following market opportunities.

The Opaia Group embarked on its first projects in the IT area and conquered its first major business, the installation of computers and software in the province of Namibe.

In the service area, Opaia launched M. Katur, a company linked to the hotel and tourism market, directed at offering the best mobility and accommodation solutions for visitors arriving to Angola.

8 May 2012
Inauguration of the Green Power shop and showroom, the Group’s major investment in the renewable energy sector. For its first business in Luanda – the implementation of lighting systems in rural and urban zones – and due to the success of its first year of activity, Green Power was distinguished with an award by the Ministry of the Environment.

26 November 2012
As a result of the work developed by Green Power, Opaia participated in the UN conference on climate change (COP18) in Qatar, Doha, as a sponsor.

15 August 2012
A decade after its foundation, the Opaia Group had 17 companies operating in the most diverse business areas: from construction to energy, from real estate to tourism, from investments to holdings, from services to distribution.

14 December 2012
A partnership was created with various peripheral schools, which is embodied through the provision of educational material and equipment.

6 November 2013
Opaia chaired the CEEIA (Community of Export and Internationalised Companies of Angola) – for a term of office of three years. This organisation contributes to facilitating cooperation between Angolan companies and their internationalisation processes.

24 January 2013
Inauguration of Hotel Ekuikui I, the first 4-star hotel in the province of Huambo, at an event attended by the Minister of Hotel Services and Tourism, Dr. Pedro Mutindi, the Vice-Governor for the Technical Area, Calunga Quissanga, among other guests and various entities.

December 2013
The Opaia Group announced its strategic positioning in the oil sector, through its subsidiary Opaia Oil.

15 May 2014
The Newsletter “Fala Opaia” was created, with the objective of publicising the company’s activity, news and other information on the organisation, both at an internal level and for the public in general.

11 June 2014
Green Power is responsible for the first installation of a solar energy unit in a motor vehicle in Angola – the solar car – which enables taking energy to any location of the country.

4 July 2014
As a whole, the companies of the Opaia Group employ a total number of 600 workers, which reflects its active participation in stimulating the Angolan society and economy.

17 October 2014
Opaia was distinguished with the Company of the Year Award at the Forum of Suppliers of the Oil Sector, considering the “strong reputation and coherence of its strategic vision of leadership, which led to the rapid expansion and growth of the company in the Angolan market”.

28 November 2014
With Hotel Ekuikui I, the Opaia Group received the Award of Private Investment in the Province of Huambo, a tribute given by ANIP (National Agency of Private Investment).

December 2014
Following various public competitions, Opaia Construções has been awarded over 30 projects, namely schools, hospitals, housing, medical centres, roads and water supply and distribution systems.

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