Being always committed to the construction and rehabilitation of catchment systems, water treatment and distribution, Opaia Waters has contributed to taking drinking water to the entire country.
It is estimated that the population that has benefited from the development and implementation of various projects in different provinces exceeds 40,000 inhabitants. We believe that the number of beneficiaries will grow considerably until 2017. We can highlight the following projects: a system of collection and treatment of water in Cassoalala, Kwanza Norte, for 10,000 inhabitants; a system for collecting and treating water in the village of Beira Alta, Kwanza Norte, to 3,000 inhabitants; 11 water systems in Huambo (Water For All Programme); 10 water systems at Kuroka, Cunene (Water For All Programme); 10 water systems at Cahama, Cunene (Water For All Programme).
These are concrete examples of what we’ve been doing today for the future of Angola.

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