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About Opaia
The future is made of compromise, and this is ours.
It is made of everything we have done and what we are today. But even more, of what we dream of becoming to be. It is made of what we have already built and the will to continue. Of our heritage and essence. Courage and persistence. Made of the projects we have created and those yet to be created. Of opportunities shared and new ones yet to be shared.
The future is made of what we believe in.
And we believe in a more sustainable future, a bigger country, a stronger continent, a better world.
The future is made of inspiration. Action. And a lot of determination.
It is made of equality, diversity and a strong unity.
The future is made of the will to continue innovating.
Taking our name further. Expand and transform.
The future is made of our commitment to Africa.
Business areas
and construction

The future is made up of years of experience

We are building Africa's future every day.
Find out about the latest engineering projects we have developed alongside our clients.
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Huambo Pediatric Hospital

(Huambo Angola) MINSA

. Construction and equipping;

. Capacity for 200 beds;

. 27 500 m² Construction area;

. 3 500 m² Equipment area (electrical and hydraulic);

+ 200 professionals

+ 20 years of experience

+ 500 projects supported

in 3 continents

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